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it was track number three on john's last cd, "i'm gonna make it through this year if it kills me." and it almost killed me.
- the hold steady.

My name is Liz. By day: media student. By other times of day: writer-storyteller-hobbyist graphic designer-geek. By night: Bert Macklin, FBI.

My main goals in life are to own a basset hound, work for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, steal the crown jewels, and get so rich that I can commission the early-'00s girl group Dream to reunite for a one-night-only private concert for me and my friends. The worldliness of my knowledge is up for debate but I know a whole bunch of stuff about presidential assassinations. (Depth, not breadth, that's what I go for.) I used to be a child actor and I used to be a Girl Scout, and both of these are very apparent in my day-to-day presentation. Sorry. When I get my time machine running, I'm just gonna use it to go back to the early years of the last decade and watch now-legendary UCB improv teams. Who needs to kill Hitler when there are Swarm and Respecto Montalban shows to sneak into?

I spend the majority of my time coming up with concepts for great screenplays I will never write. You can see some of those here.